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For our final 2020 Bookclub Amandeep Madra & Parmjit Singh will be joining us to discuss their book ‘Warrior Saints: Four centuries of Sikh Military History’ which explores the extraordinary people, events and ideas that gave rise to the unique martial culture of the Sikhs. Empowered by Guru Nanak’s message of acceptance and compassion, and inspired by his unceasing defence of these ideals, the Sikhs embarked on an uncharted journey of struggle and resilience. They emerged as guardians of an independent, thriving society and defenders of India's bloodiest gateway only to fall under the looming shadow of the Victorian conqueror. The authors will share some of the 90 rare historical images in the book which are brought to life with stirring accounts from friends and foes alike.



Amandeep Madra & Parmjit Singh

Warrior Saints

November 2, 2020
Warrior Saints explores the martyrdoms and conflicts that gave rise to a unique warrior culture steeped in the spiritual teachings of the 16th-century mystic poet, Guru Nanak. On his odysseys across Asia, he spoke out fearlessly against the oppression and hypocrisy that he witnessed. Imbibing his concept of righteous opposition to tyranny, his Sikh followers would go on to change the course of world history. When the Mughal Empire began persecuting Sikhs in the 1600s, this community of peaceful devotees took up arms to avert extinction. Warrior Saints tells the compelling story of how they fought back to establish a powerful empire stretching from the borders of Tibet to Afghanistan across Punjab's plains. The Sikh army became one of Asia's most powerful but their growing territorial ambition brought them into conflict with a rival foreign power, the British East India Company.