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Previous Events

Prof Priya Satia

Prof Priya Satia, from Stanford University, joins the UKPHA Bookclub to describe the alternative futures anticolonial thinkers continued to imagine as the new border was drawn, especially through the poetic idioms of Urdu and Punjabi.

Prof Nikki Guninder Kaur Singh

Prof Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh drawing upon her work on the Guru Granth Sahib will discuss how the female was exalted by the Gurus to ensure equality.

Prof Lou Fenech

Lou Fenech returns to the UKPHA Bookclub to present another captivating talk that will focus on Guru Gobind Singh’s Darbar (Divine Court).

Pav Singh

Author, Pav Singh joins bookclub to present the definitive account based on harrowing victim testimonies and official accounts reveals how the largest mass crime against humanity in India's modern history was perpetrated by politicians and covered up with the help of the police, judiciary and media.