Movers and Makers: Uncertainty, Resilience and Migrant Creativity in Worlds of Flux.

Prof Parminder Bhachu in conversation with Dr Jagbir Jutti-Johal to talk about her innovative new book ‘Movers and Makers.’

Prof Parminder Bhachu

Parminder Bhachu is the author of 'Twice Migrants' and 'Dangerous Designs' and co-editor of both 'Enterprising Women' and 'Immigration and Entrepreneur'. She is a Professor of Sociology at Clark University, Massachusetts, USA. She has held a Henry R. Luce Professorship in Cultural Identities and Global Processes and has been a Director of Women’s Studies. She is a multiple migrant herself and has lived in East Africa, UK, and on both sides of the east and west coasts of the United States. She comes from an old diasporic family of late 19th and early 20th century Punjabi settlers in Kenya.
Prof Bhachu’s book looks at the many contributions of Punjabi migrants in the world of culture, technology, science, design, and the arts. Generous, inclusive, and deeply collaborative, their Punjabi immigrant style is defined by the powerful concepts drawn from the Sikh religion of sarbhat dha phallah, and vand kay shakna. Parminder Bhachu explored the success stories of some of these trailblazers, from artists and musicians such as Rishi Rich and The Singh Twins to science and technology leaders such as Sir Tejinder Singh Virdee.
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